Training of Moroccan educators

The work carried out in Oslo therefore gave rise to a new intervention and prevention tool which we proposed to disseminate widely in Morocco by training educators from the country's main youth organizations in the techniques and pedagogy developed in Norway.

Indeed, we have found that the tool developed to prevent violence is perfectly adapted to encourage youth to put their energy at the service of their country, rather than wanting to leave it at any cost. The meetings and links created with positive role models, individuals who have managed to develop a professional or social activity, thanks to their intelligence, courage, and perseverance, show them that, among other things, one can succeed in their own country and how working to solve difficulties rather than fleeing them can be rewarding.


Thanks to financial support from the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security, we have been able to transfer the knowledge gained in Oslo to 15 youth organizations and 10 secondary schools between 1 December 2019 and 31 January 2021.

With the support of the Norwegian Embassy in Oslo, UNDP and the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Morocco, we have been able to build bridges between the "Inspiring" and APT2C projects, also funded by Norway.

The support of the Norwegian Ambassador and her team has been invaluable throughout this year of training for Moroccan educators.

Each participating association or school was able to benefit from training in video film-making techniques and at the end of this training, they were given a complete set of equipment to make their own films and reproduce the Inspiring project with the young people.


Thanks to

We thank the Norwegian Embassy in Morocco for its support and collaboration.

Norwegian Embassy in Morocco